DiP Tuesdays at La Boite, Barcelona

Posted on January 15th 2014

Starting Tuesday 4th of February Robine and the DiP parties will be resident at La Boite, Barcelona.

DiP Wednesdays at City Hall, Barcelona

Posted on January 2nd 2014

Starting in January the Robine and the DiP parties will be resident at City Hall, Barcelona.

Resident-DJ at La Boite, Barcelona

Posted on November 20th 2013

Please see website of La Boite from more info on dates.

Gig at Electric Social club, London

Robine was guest-DJ at Electric Social in London.

Guest DJ at Radio Pomar

Posted on June 29th 2013

Robine appeared on Radio Pomar as guest DJ. Together with DJ Sandy Love she talked about her love to music and told the story how she got into DJing.

Posted on June 10th 2013

Off-Sonar gig at Crom, Barcelona

Posted on April 13th 2013

One of the biggest electronic music festivals appears every summer in Barcelona. This year was the 20th anniversary of Sonar;the International festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art. During the weekend of the festival the whole city turns into a big party and many DJs play at event outside the area of the festival, called Off-Sonar. Crom has invited 25 international DJs to play during two days and Robine was one of them.


Posted on April 13th 2013

During the spring there have been several parts of the Female DJ Challenge competition. On Thursday the 4th of May it was time for the finale. The two left were Robine and Anna Kohlin. The event had drawn some attention and Hell's Kitchen was bursting of energy. Both of the DJs like similar kind of music, mostly tech-house, so it was a close call for the judges (Jonas Sällberg from Joia Agency and Maxinne Björk, nighclub manager at Hell's Kitchen), but in the end Robine came out as the winner! The big prize will be a gig at the famous Ministry of Sound. Ministry of Sound will unfortunately be close down at the end of this year. It is the end of an ear and to get to play there before this happens is a huge deal! Apart from that there will be a couple of more gigs at White House, the popular night club in London. More exact dates to come.

Guest DJ with new artists, Stök and Numera, at the Spotify office in Stockholm

Posted on April 13th 2013

Robine was DJing during the performances from Stök and Numera. They visited the Spotify office to perform a couple of their new songs. Great job guys!!

Ready for the finale in Female DJ Challenge 2013

Posted on April 12th 2013

After making it through the first and second round Robine has made it as far as the final! It has been both a fun and daunting ride. Now there are now only two left and they are competing about who will get the gig at Ministry of Sound in London...

Fabulous Market Bcn was a success

Posted on March 17th 2013
Fashion vintage market at Hotel Onix Liceo in Barcelona was having their 3rd edition of the market. Robine and DJ URBANE K. stood for the music. Great team work!

Move to Barcelona ready!

Posted on March 2nd 2013

In the beginning of March Robine will move to Barcelona to pursue her DJ career there. "These are very exciting times. I am planning to spend alot of time in the studio. And of course play some awesome gigs at the night clubs in Barcelona and Ibiza during the summer!" Keep an eye out here for more info!


Soon to release new track

Posted on March 4th 2013

Robine is working on making some new tracks soon to be released. It will be very tech house, but also some minimal. I want the deep bass to make your chest jump and the hair on your arms to stand up!!


Won the first part of the competition in the Female DJ Challenge 2013!

Posted on Feb 25th 2013

On the 21st of February the first part of the Female DJ Challenge 2013 took place at the luxurious night club Hell's Kitchen in Stockholm. The competition has 12 competitors where each Thursday two DJanes compete in a battle. The price is to play a set at Ministry of Sound in London.


The competition is a way to cast light on female DJs in a male-dominated industry. Each competitor plays a 30 mins long mix which is then judged by a panel of judges. The criterias the judges are looking for is choice of music, technique and charisma. The panel of judges this week was Jonas Sellberg (from Joia Agency), Maxinne Björk (night club manager at Hell's Kitchen) and Pleasurekraft.


Read more about the competition here and here (only in Swedish)